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Comfortable and Classy 

Our Story

The brand "MYLI" was founded in 2020 as a dream of a woman who wanted to develop high-quality products that are both comfortable and affordable!

When we first launched our brand, there were large companies in the industry with product prices that were much above the accessible price range!

So we focused on keeping it inexpensive while maintaining high quality; later on, this became our reason for success. With so many cheap, poor-quality alternatives on the market, we aim to provide you with the finest experience possible because we think that a good day begins with comfortable, attractive clothing.


Starting with a single carton box In 2020, we had a 200% increase in sales from our first to second year in operation, serving 10,000+ customers. We reached a major milestone by launching our first store in Coimbatore in 2021, with the aim of giving appealing options for the Modern Indian Woman.


We also have a kids wear line “Myli Juniors” that provides boutique-finish ready-made wear, giving a unique touch and premium look unlike any other ready-made kids wear.


      Myli aspires to be the brand that women select for its quality and comfort at an accessible price.


      Our objective was to build a company that provides the greatest alternative for every woman's and Kid's wear; we want to do it by providing top quality products without sacrificing comfort at any cost.



NANDHINI VENUGOPAL is the creative force behind Myli. Following in the footsteps of her father, a self-made successful businessman, she set out to build her own career.

she found her co-founder in her husband RAJESH and started her journey to make fashion available for every(body).


She is a visionary entrepreneur who set out on a path to re-define women's fashion and empower women via their wardrobe choices.

RAJESH GOVINDARAJULU- a composed individual who is his wife's biggest supporter and encourages her to pursue her dreams.

who is the most essential supporter of the brand by handling the manufacturing and inventory side of the company so that Nandhini can concentrate on the most important aspects of the brand.

At Myli, we are driven by our founder's enthusiasm and creativity.

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